Friday, November 16, 2012

Reasons Why Women Compete For Men !!!

Reasons Why Women Compete For Men - fighting

Women will never give up things that they badly want, one of them being boyfriends. They get possessive, act stubborn and try playing tricks to see to it that they get what they always wanted. Girls of today are good strategic planners. They do not wait for time to play a role and make the guy develop feelings for them. Instead, they believe in the theory of getting whatever they want instantly.

Be it their close friend or enemy, women would never want to share their men with anyone. They wouldn't even give a chance for the other woman to mingle and get close to the guy they love.Today, we will discuss about why women compete and what do they do to aloof their boyfriends and make them their's forever.

Reasons Why Most Women Compete For Men

1. As per great philosophers, jealously is the other name of women. Siblings, friends or colleagues, two women are always in a competition to prove that their life is better than the other. To keep up with their ego they try to do many things including finding a partner of life. When the girls come to know that they are seeing the same guy, they have no choice but compete to win the guy's heart.

2. Women run behind handsome, successful and stylish men. When two ladies come to know that the guy they are dating is the best of the lot, they will surely have a hare and tortoise game to win over him. They try to attract him with their dressing, talking and romance. This competition will go on until the guy reveals his decision.

3. The extent of competition can upto any extent. Women even try to attract men physically and see to it that he doesn't escape from the love lock. They get clad and attract by showing off their hot body. Women can even compete by threatening the guy that they'll end lives if he didn't choose either of them.

4. Women are power hungry so they would always want to be placed in the higher levels. The two can fight even for that and may psychologically disturb the guy by forcing him to reveal his princess for life.

5. This may also make the guy take the advantage. May be he will have a great time being with the girls and finally slip away saying he couldn't handle both. The best relationship advice we would like to give women is that allow the man to choose for what they are instead go behind him and force him to like.

If your friend is seeing the same guy you like, wait and then go ahead as her love may be just an attraction or for the sake of competition. Genuine love will always have a win so wait for the right time and express your love to the guy.

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