Friday, November 16, 2012

Funny Ways In Which Men Apologize !!!

Funny Ways In Which Men Apologize! -man apology to a woman

Men apologize, for better or worse, in predictable ways. Better because they at least apologize, a luxury our female vanity would never allow us. Worse because it sounds so very mechanical, even comic at times. You may actually find it difficult to keep a straight face! The ways men say sorry are funny and silly at times and just like we do for all other things that are unreasonable about men, we girls can have a good laugh about it. It is important to end a fight at the end of the day and as long they take the initiative and provide us with some free entertainment, who is complaining?
Here are the most funny ways in which men apologize.

Funny Ways In Which Men Apologize:

1. Flowers: 
They would not wait to find out if you are allergic to flowers! It is the most obvious and sometimes irritating way of saying sorry that men have done to death. Just because they read in some B-grade romantic novel in their teens that women like flowers, we are supposed to wave off a particularly nasty incidence of bad behaviour?

2. Chocolates: 
Do men even realise that to end a fight, they are actually provoking us to put on weight? And they won't buy the ones that are common, its always the irresistible ones that will go straight to your waist. The worst part is that they are not even tactful enough to say that it doesn't matter if you put on weight!

3. Cards: 
Why do they go and spend money on pieces of cardboard on which some else has used their brain to put down a message? If they are so sorry, tell them to pay for our next girls night out.

4. Emails: 
If there was rule for plagiarism that applied to personal emails then all the boyfriends in the world would be behind the bars! How is it possible that no matter who writes a 'sorry' email and at what point of time, it comes out reading identical? Is it a collective lack of vocabulary in the male species or just plain laziness. Sometimes they even forget to edit the 'fwd' that stands for 'forwarded'.

5. Dedicating Songs: 
Not only is it an attention grabbing technique, it is also an ulterior motif to impress other girls. Your estranged boyfriend walks into a party just when you are telling your girl gang about your relationship problems and dedicates a song to you. All the girls will go 'how cute' and he will bask in glory of his temporary 'cuteness'.

6. Making Puppy Faces:
This is the oldest trick in the book. Men know that women can be resistant to their charm but not to their helplessness. So making helpless puppy dog faces is a great way to say sorry.

Use these incidences of men apologizing as relationship tips to see if your man does any better.

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