Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 5 Benefits Of Being Single !!!

Top 5 Benefits Of Being Single - man guy happy

'No Woman, No Cry', that's what most men who have been through a horrible time with partner say. And women have a much more interesting version. According to them, it is 'No Man, No Fry' as men keep pestering them to answer all their doubts and provide proof for the justification. Both men and women state their own advantages of being single.

Life can be suffocating for many who are stuck with the wrong people in life. Early infatuation would have led to lot of repentance as the intentions are not as attractive as the physical beauty. There are many youth who would like to hang around with women, stay with women and believe in live-in relationship but do not want to commit as they feel that they will lose themselves in satisfying their partner. Here are some benefits and privileges that most single men and women enjoy. Take a look.

Why Men And Women Prefer Being Single? - Top 5 Benefits

1. You Can Plan Life The Best –
All your goals and career plans can be achieved and worked on it. Nobody there to tell you to save money or think about marriage or children, etc. Most men feel that could accomplish what they wanted because of the family commitments but singlehood gives you enough and more options to shine and get successful.

2. Take All The Time On Earth To Choose The Right Partner 
Women have the power to make a man's life even beautiful or turn it miserable; so getting along, being 24/7 and understanding the girl will help you decide if she deserves sharing her life with you.

3. Party Hard 
Your nights are to party hard and days to have a long nap, that's the way you can spend a weekend if you are single. Life cannot get lonely or boring if you have too many friends to hang around and have fun. Having too many pals and being open to some more will make you deal and move with different people. And if you had a girlfriend, she would keep calling you and constantly messaging to get the information of your wearabouts.

4. Do Whatever Whenever 
Say you met a girl at a party and she asked you out, nobody would question you if you accompanied her, boozed without any limits and came back home the next day. You can go where ever, come back whenever and hang around with whoever. Ah! That sounds so cool!

5. Freedom At The Fullest 
Your home or room can be the most messy place in the world but who cares, after all you know where you have your things. You can wear what you want, eat what to want and work or go on a holiday anytime you want, that's called freedom. That's being single and always ready to mingle!!!

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