Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Make Him Stay In Love?

How To Make Him Stay In Love - happy couple marriage

You fall in love but with time, the interest fades away or decreases. This is very common among men. Often a woman feels that her man is no more the same romantic guy whom she met before. Actually the man doesn't lose interest but responsibilities and other priorities can make him think less about his partner. To keep the romance alive and make him love you forever, follow these relationship tips to keep him falling in love with you everyday.

Relationship tips to keep love and make him want you:

Become his support: 
A man needs an emotional support when he is broken or stressed. Work pressure and priorities can discourage the man. He will never show how desperate he is for a support but you have to read his mind. Don't show that you are being merciful so pity him! Try to give solutions if he wants and become his strength. This way, he will search you every time he feels lonely.

A good cook: 
There is a common saying, “If a woman wishes to win the heart of a man, she has to reach his heart through the stomach." So, the way to reach a man's heart is through the stomach. By cooking you also show your care for him. Prepare his favourite dishes and present him when he returns tired from office. This is an effective tip to keep him in love forever.

To keep the romance alive and make him love you more, be good at bed! A man is always ready to make love. To keep him in love forever, try new ways to love and make him want more.

Maintain yourself: 
A man loves to see his woman in shape. To keep him in love, maintain yourself. Be the way you were when he went crazy for you. Take care of your face, figure and never think that you have become old. This is an effective relationship tip to make him want you. Be toned and shaped to keep his attention towards you.

Understand him:
To keep a man in love, it is very important to understand him. If he demands space then give him. Don't be forceful as this can only spoil the love and make him go away from you. If you understand him, he will feel more close to you.

Try these relationship tips to keep him in love with you forever.

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