Monday, November 5, 2012

Realistic Love Lasts Forever...

Realistic Love Lasts Forever - woman surprising a man - cover eyes

Let us start off with a very basic question; how many of us are realistic about love? The answer will be 'yes' for a majority of people but it would be wrong. We like to fool ourself by thinking that we are realistic about our romantic relationships. Actually we aren't. 'Realistic' is not the same as 'real'. You may be genuinely in love but does that stop you from being impractical about your relationship?

We are realistic about everything in life; our career, finances, friends etc. But when it comes to love, we all become poets and forget every ounce of practicality. Here are some good reasons to be realistic about love so that you can make long term relationships work.

Paradise won't last forever:
 When we fall in love, we are at the height of romanticism. Flowers smell better, babies look cuter and even your boss's yelling is like music to the ears. We are floating in dream like world were everything is perfect. Enjoy your paradise but never forget that it will not last for ever. If you can do that then your love may last longer.

He is not 'this' guy: 
When a relationship is new, there is lot of puppy love shown by both parties. But the wide-eyed boy who is following you around like a loyal puppy is not always going to be around. He will get tired of following you around and that is why you need to be prepared for it. Don't get upset after the magic wears off and he stops giving you that much attention.

My partner has faults: 
You do love him/her but that doesn't mean he/she doesn't have faults. When we fall in love, we refuse to believe that our partner might have any faults at all. Everything about him or her seems to be so perfect that it is hard to believe there might be any chinks in that shining armour. But believe me, you will see only the faults after some time has passed. So better to be mentally prepared and make your love last.

I can't always be the priority: 
Everybody likes to get importance and the whole idea of falling in love is to always have someone by your side. But if you are to sustain a long term relationship, then you must understand one thing; you cannot always be a priority in your partner's life. Her or she has other priorities like work, parents, friends depending on the time.

You are my love but I am my best friend: 
Never forget that we come into this world alone and leave it alone. So even if you fall in love, you must not stop giving yourself time. Keep some part of the day for yourself when you do what you like the most like reading, watching television etc. If you are realistic about love, then you will never compromise on this 'alone' time.

All couples have problems at some point of time in their relationship. But if you are realistic about love then your love will last through the tough times.

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