Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Relationships That Are A Taboo !!!

7 Relationships That Are A Taboo !!! - student and teacher

We do not always find a perfect relationship when we are looking for it. What if you find your Mr Right or Ms Right and he or she happens to be one of those people you are not allowed to love? Some relationships are a taboo in our society. We are not talking about incest or relationships within the family blood line. These are just relationships that are unprofessional or unethical according to societal norms.
These are some 7 relationships that are a taboo and yet they can blossom as a perfectly happy relationships.

1. Teacher-Student Relationship: 
Age difference and professional integrity apart, what is wrong with a teacher falling in love with his/her student or vice versa? According to Indian traditions, 'guru' or teacher is given the status of a parent. That is why we look at teacher-student relationships with a feeling almost akin to incest.

2. Boss-Secretary Relationship:
 Any kind of office romance is considered unprofessional but we tend to be lenient towards two colleagues who fell in love and got married. However, no such leniency is shown to a boss who falls for his secretary. The position of a personal secretary is totally cliched; people always think that a secretary is supposed to be a hot babe with low intellectual capacities and the boss, a successful middle-aged man having mid-life crisis.

3. Best Friend's Ex:
 You may have always liked your best friend's girlfriend but you cannot pursue her even when your friend breaks up with her. If you do, you would be breaking the 'guy code' of never eyeing your friend's girl. Moreover, you will be blamed for engineering the breakup!

4. Ex's Sibling: 
You dumped the big sister and made a beeline for the younger one! Just won't do! Dating the brother or sister of your ex is considered to be a taboo relationship in our society. Partly because it would bring back unpleasant memories and partly because you might end up in bed with both!

5. Second Cousins:
 Its all in the family but it not allowed in many parts of India. Some communities permit marriages even between first cousins but some do not look favourably upon marrying within the family. It has got something to do with genes but then we are all the children of Adam and Eve.

6. Best Friend's Sister: 
Again a 'guy code' issue. Your friend might like you as a friend. But who knows what he wants for his precious little sister. If a good Indian brother finds out that his friend has a thing for his kid sister, he will be pissed. Moreover, he might feel cheated as a 'friend' because you never told him!

7. Doctor-Patient Relationship: 
The doctor is bound by professional integrity to only 'treat' the patient. If a doctor falls in love with his or her patient then they lose their medical objectivity. In that case, find a new doctor.

These are some of relationships that may be perfect but are considered as a taboo in our society. Do you think that these relationships should be a taboo?

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