Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Women Dislike Effeminate Men?

Why Women Dislike Effeminate Men?

A woman has many preferences when it comes to the man of her dreams. You will find that there are many kinds of men. Some are too manly, some cordial and while some are effeminate. Some women are very particular in not choosing the effeminate ones as their life partner for a number of reasons. Though there is nothing wrong with them. An effeminate man is one with some lady like gestures and attributes. They are like that by their nature and nothing can be done about it. They might not be macho, but they are no less than the other men. But then why most women dislike such men. Let's find out.

May Be Gay- 
There is a very wrong notion with most women that any feminine man is gay. There is no reason for such a belief as it is completely baseless. Most women dislike to marry such men. Women think that may be such feminine men marry just to hide the fact that they are gay. So, women generally prefer not to fall in love with any such men.

Love For Manliness-
Almost all women have a love for manly attributes in a man. And when she finds a man to be just the opposite, that is effeminate she just cannot take it. Hence they dislike such men just for the sake for it.

 A person who is effeminate has very peculiar gestures of the hands and eyes. Even many women do not have so many feminine attributes as these men. They make peculiar gestures while talking to someone or even at other times. Women consider it to be very embarrassing and hence dislike it. They also dislike the peculiar sitting postures that most of the feminine men have.

Dressing Sense-
 This is another thing in feminine men that women dislike. Most effeminate men have a fetish for colours like pink and red. There is nothing bad or offensive about it. People do have the right to go with their own colour preferences. But, for some reason, women seem to dislike it. For them these colours do not define a man.

Loves To Be Complemented and Self Obsessed-
 There is nothing bad in being self obsessed. In fact very one is so to some extent or the other. But women do believe that most men with some feminine attributes have a tendency to be complemented and they are just too self obsessed. This they do not like in a man.

Though baseless these are all a few reasons for women to dislike feminine men.

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