Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How 'No Contact Rule' Works??!!

How No Contact Rule Works - abandon - separated couple - sad

After a break up, you decide to stop being in touch with your ex. Every gift, song, dress, place, food etc that is related to your past relationship reminds you of your ex. That is why, the concept of "No rule contact' has come up to help you overcome the break up happily. No contact rule is a rule where the exs do not stay in contact with each other after the break up. For many broken hearts, no contact rule doesn't work as they always get carried away by emotions and contact their ex out of pain, jealousy or just to take revenge.

Many people believe that you cannot be friends with your ex and vice versa. There are very few broken hearts who take break up positively and move on in life. If you do not want to keep any contact with your ex it is good for you. Here is why no contact rule works.

Why no contact rule works?

You learn to move on: 
After the harsh break up with your partner, if you are not in touch with him/her, it becomes very easy to move on. Staying in contact with your ex will not help you think a life without him/her. If the past keeps coming in front of your present, it becomes like a heavy block that is very difficult to move or cross.

No past memories will haunt you: 
After a break up, if you stay in contact with your ex, all the past memories that you two shared with each other will keep running on your mind. To move on in life, you have to forget your past and think of the present and future. Recollecting past memories with your ex will only upset you and spoil your mood. Thus, no contact rule works to help you get back your happy mood.

You become strong: 
One of the benefits of no contact rule is, you will have control over your emotions and feelings. This rule works to make you mentally strong. Your teen affair for example was a big mistake of your life. Post break up, you will become strong and matured enough to think twice before entering into a new relationship.

Boost self-confidence: 
The more you stay away from your ex after the break up, the more it becomes easy to bring back self-confidence. If you contact him or her, you will never get the will to move on and bring back the real you. A broken heart always needs a shoulder to cry on. Instead of using ex's shoulder, talk to your friend. No contact rule will definitely work if you implement it strongly and effectively.

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