Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does She Still Feel Hurt For Her Ex?

Does She Still Feel Hurt For Her Ex - hand on cheek - guilty girl

Being in a relationship for the second time is no big deal these days. The modern funda is that it takes many breakups to take you to the perfect relationship. However, when a girl has a bad breakup, she keeps feeling hurt for a long time. It is not like she is missing her ex boyfriend, but she is still fells hurt from the pain of the break up.

Does she still cry when she is alone, when she thinks you are not watching? Does she still have low moods on particular days? Does she not trust you completely? All these are signs that she still feels hurt for her ex boyfriends. Let us take a look at some simple ways by which you can determine if she still aches for her ex.

Sudden Silences:
You are in the middle of an animated conversation and she suddenly goes silent. You keep asking her what went wrong but she doesn't answer. Later on, you realise that you might have accidentally said something that reminded her of her ex. That is why she went quiet suddenly.

Refusal To Discuss Past Relationship:
If she refuses to talk about 'him' (her ex) or make jokes about her past, then the wound is still raw. She still feels hurt from within and that it why she is not comfortable talking about him. The day she can joke about her ex, you will know that she is really over him!

Unexplained Crying:
When a person is hurt from inside but is trying to put up a brave face, he or she is under tremendous stress. She tries to smile, laugh with the others and be normal but it takes a toll on her emotionally. That is why, she might break into tears in the middle of perfectly normal conversation. If you ask her the reason, she will never tell the truth.

Crying Alone:
Have you noticed that she cries when she is alone? She might lock herself in the bathroom or bury her face in the pillow but the snuffling will tell her that she is crying. She probably cries when she thinks you are not watching. No matter how much you hide your emotions from the world, when you are alone, you need to let it out.

Stalking Her Ex: 
No, she may not be stalking her ex boyfriend on social networking sites because she wants to get him back. She just wants to know if he is happy. She wants to know if he is hurting just as much as she still hurts. This is a masochistic trait that human beings have. When we are hurt, we seek out things that would make it hurt even more.

These are some of signs that your girlfriend still hurts for her ex. But there is no harm in it. In fact, you have to help her get over it so that your place in her life becomes stronger.

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