Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How To Know If He Is 'Married' ?!!

How To Know If He Is Married - broken girl woman heart - lose love

When a man starts flirting with you, you try to investigate about him. But, it is very difficult to know every minute details of a man. Many women these days are complaining of falling under the trap of married men. These married men pretend to be single and their friends also help them get the girls by hiding the truth. You can stop yourself from becoming a prey to such men. Here are few signs to know if your man is already married. Check out...

Signs to know if you are dating a married man:

When you man doesn't give you his landline number and always try to throw excuses, you have to beware. Men try to hide these contact details because their wives stay at home and the ugly game can open up if the girlfriend drops a message at the home number.
  • If your man picks up a particular call (saved or unsaved number) every time you meet him, be alert. This is a sign that your man is trying to hide something. It becomes more clear when he excuses himself to pick the call.
  • When a man is scared to meet you out in the public, you can understand that he is married. A married man will always be scared to meet you in public places especially near his house or shopping malls. If he says that he does this to spend some private and quality time with you, use your detective mind and start investigating 'Why?'
  • In a love relationship, couples talk with each other late nights. Sleeping in the early wee hours is nothing new. The urge to know each other and spend as much time together as possible are signs of a love relationship. If your man never talks to you at night then it is a sign that he is married. His woman might be with him that makes him avoid your calls. Even in emergencies, he will never pick up your call at home. Drop an emergency text and see what happens.
  • If he is private then think again. It can be a sign to know that your man is already married. Generally, a man will introduce his lady love to his friends and relatives (if not parents directly). No one can be so secretive. It is human nature to spread little information to friends and close relatives who understand them. But, if your man doesn't introduce you to anyone then you have to beware with his status.
  • When you inform him that you will visit his place, he says "No""I will come to your place". Instead of saying "Sure", if the man you are dating says this, then it is a sign that he is already married. If you ask him why he is not taking you home, he will blabber and throw excuses. You can catch his expressions and hand movements that he is lying.
These are few signs to know that you are dating a married man. Do you know more signs to identify a married man?

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