Thursday, November 15, 2012

Real Love Story: How It Started?

Real Love Story: How It Started? - shoes - feet - foot

I remember my love story in college. I was going on a date at a restaurant with Esha. The day was good and love was in the air. The atmosphere was soothing and filled with college romance. Everything was going as planned for the special valentine's day date! First I ordered a coffee for her and then after 2 hours, I gave her a surprise!
I went out of the restaurant and purchased a flower bouquet from the florist shop. With the valentine's bouquet I got down on my knees and proposed Esha. I know it sounds filmy but this is romantic for women:) I expressed my feelings for her and said, I love you so so much.....
I can't forget, college romance captured my mind so badly that I didn't care about the huge crowd in the restaurant. Everyone started murmuring that I am mad. Who cares! I am mad for Esha and I was happy for I proposed her finally!!!

What happened to my real love story next? I gave her a chocolate box and she accepted it. Yes! She accepted my proposal and my love story took a start on valentine's day. I can't forget my college romance. My love story looks filmy but that valentine's day is very special. It was not a dream but something real, special and pure.
We celebrated the valentine's day by watching a movie together at a theater and then I dropped her home. The auto ride was romantic and memorable.... 
My real life love story started on valentine's day! I believe in love and think it is the most wonderful thing in the world. The best feeling of togetherness. This is my valentine's day love story!

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