Thursday, November 15, 2012

Real Love Story: My Neighbour Became Partner For Life!

Real Love Story: My Neighbour Became Partner For Life! - happy couple

Every valentines day is a special day to me as I found my partner for life. The person I am referring here is Akash, my love, my husband, my everything.
It was a sunny afternoon and I was coming back home from my music class, I found my neighbour repairing his bike on the road. I was too scared to talk to him as I was still new to the place. He kept staring at me and felt really scared. I called my friend and spoke to her, she laughed about the incident and called it 'love'.
But I didn't believe, I kept looking towards his house and he always stared at me. To me, the idea about falling in love at first sight was really unimaginable as love needs to be a bonding between two hearts and not the eyes.
My family planned a trip to a nearby holy place and we left, I found him looking at our car with big eyes. It wasn't a fun trip and really wanted to come back. It was a weeklong trip and I found the guy waiting at his gate. He looked sad and bad but after he had a glimpse of me, he had tears in his eyes.
'I think he is in love with you', said my friend but I didn't wanted to accept the fact as we belonged to different sects. My friend said that there isn't anything wrong in flirting and I too felt good about the idea.
It was a Sunday afternoon and I used my pup as my messenger of love. His bow had my contact number and the guy was smart enough to realise. I got a message after a while and that said 'You made my day'.
We met at the Pizza hut and shared some great moments, I got to know that there was nothing wrong with his bikes but he was just trying to fit something to take look at me.
Now, we are in a 4 yr old relationship, married and happy. Although I planned to flirt with him, it wasn't possible because I too had fallen in love with him. This Valentines day, I will prepare pizza at home to remind him of those romantic days of life.
I take pride in saying that we are still the best neighbours and great lovers. Our love story is real and the best.

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