Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 Magic Ways To Get Your Girl's Attention !!!

5 Magic Ways To Get Your Girl's Attention - high school - college

Most men are good flirts but fail to keep the magic in relationship for long. Their lovely words always have a limited offer which make women get turned off and move away. Catching your girlfriend's attention is also a factor that isn't very common among the good looking dudes. Take a look to know how to get all the attention of your lady love and maintain it forever.

5 Magic Ways To Get Your Girl's Attention – Maintain Relationship

1. Do Not Act Desperate 
May be she is the best girl you could ever find but never get ready to do anything for her. Girls like guys with lot of self esteem and attitude. Of course, you need to care for your girlfriend but at times when she likes being independent and do things herself, appreciate and encourage. Do not treat her like a small kid.

2. Be A Mystery Man  
Do not talk too much about your past life as all the loop holes and weaknesses will be known to her. Keep her curious and talk right when ever the scene demands. Do not lie or cover up things as women always love men who accept their mistakes proudly and move on. 

3. Do Not Meet Her Everyday 
Don't make your girlfriend realise that you are always available for her. Plan your time for work, friends, family and career. Be independent and allow her to enjoy maximum freedom. Make her miss you and avoid calls at times to know how desperate she is to meet you.

4. Get Interesting And Stylish 
Choose the best brands in town and flaunt fashion. Physical attraction is the only means to catch attention of your girlfriend (attract girlfriend) if the relationship is at a budding stage. Talk sense and give honest reply whenever required as truth is the only thing that stands.

5. Get Good At Communication  
To express all that you feel, you need good communication. So learn the language you commonly communicate with her and also know the pronunciation. Keep your volume under control, never scare her by talking too loud.

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