Friday, November 16, 2012

Pick Up Lines To Hit On A Girl !!!

Pick Up Lines To Hit On A Girl - guy-hitting-on-girl

If you want to try and impress a woman then you have to get out of these boring lines “I have seen you somewhere" or “I want to know you more..." These lines are too old to hit on a girl and impress her. So, if you want to impress a woman and get her attention towards you, try these pick up lines or formulas to flirt with her.

Pick up lines and formulas to hit on a girl and approach her:

Walk confidently towards her:
Keep the eye contact when you notice her first. Keep staring at her to show your interest. When she replies back with a stare or smile, walk confidently towards her, looking at her with a smile on her face. When you go near her, show your confidence and say “ You have grabbed my attention since I'm here. I couldn't control so came to know why this is happening!" girls love to be flattered so try such lines which makes the girl feel the best.

Compliment her: 
The most effective pick up lines to hit on a girl is to compliment her. As mentioned earlier, women love to be flattered and this is the best way to impress a girl and approach her. You can use words like 'sexy' or 'attractive' or the evergreen 'beautiful'. These words when framed properly can impress any girl! If the girl is bold then you can use words such as sexy or attractive otherwise stick to decent words.

Wit + humour: 
A man should have this quality as the woman should be felt comfortable in his company. This is only possible if you have a chilled out attitude. Blend your talks with wit and humour to throw a good impression first time itself. Try to make her laugh and show your intelligence through wit to impress her. Take her hand in say, “I can read your fortune." Write your phone number and say, “The fortune is bright and filled with unexpected thrills!!!!" you can even write a poem but it can be too filmy to impress a girl.

Offer a drink: 
To initiate a conversation try these pick up lines to hit on a girl. You can share a drink with her and try to make friendship with her. If the woman is sitting beside you, then start with, “Can I buy you a drink" or “Can I enjoy the company of this beautiful girl beside me?"

Try these pick up lines to hit on a girl and impress her at the first meeting!

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