Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are You Stuck With A Psycho Partner?

Are You Stuck With A Psycho Partner -  Psycho woman girl

Do you at times feel that you are stuck with a wrong girlfriend who acts crazy and makes you feel depressed? Well, there are psycho partners on the planet who are capable of ruining lives and make the relationship very painful. Take a look to find out more about these women and the ideas to get rid.

These psycho partners are greedy and never seem happy with life. They find mistakes, taunt men, keep checking and spying boyfriends. They always want themselves to be treated like goddess and have no life of their own. Take an example of Uma Thurman's character in 'My Super Ex-girlfriend or Kalki in 'ZNMD', both make their guys realise that they made the worst decision by choosing them. There are more such personalities which guys need to understand, find out and stay away!

Signs Of A Psycho Partner

1. Always Mistakes 
This crazy girlfriend gets too possesive about you and keeps troubling you if you were found having a conversation with the other woman. She keeps asking silly questions like who on earth you feel to be most beautiful woman and then pester you for not telling it is her. She wants all the attention from you and talk only about self. You are not even free to watch the movie you want, all in all, a totally maniac girlfriend .

2. Takes Total Control Of You 
On the day 1, she admits that she is ready to do anything for you and as days pass by you will realise that it is you who is been dancing on the fire pan. She calls you, demands you to tell her your plans and disturbs you day to know if you lied or fooled her giving reasons. She doesn't even give you an opportunity to choose the things you want and will often force you with her choices. You have no choice and no joy.

3. Makes Paranoid Assumptions 
She often questions you for coming late and would have already built a castle of assumptions. She charges at you to get answers about why you were late, and track your moves. She might ask her friends to follow you and inform her about your movements. You are no less a prisoner in her eyes.

4. Emotionally Blackmails 
When you reject her demands, your crazy girlfriend may cry and make a big fuss of issue. She may emotionally force you to agree to her demands. Sometimes the emotional behaviour may get too much and she might act that she is drunk or swallow sleeping pills to show that she is extremely depressed because you are not listening to her.

5. Hurts You & Threatens To Kill Herself 
The psycho partner may even threaten to kill herself and hurt you by throwing things in anger. She may barge in anytime to your office and may embarass you by making deep cuts on her arms and legs.
Stay away from these crazy girlfriends as they are not fit to lead a peaceful life.

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