Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Women Fear To Date?

Why Women Fear To Date?

You may find women smiling at you, talking to you and being very friendly but when you ask them out for a date, they never turn up or avoid dating. Today, we will discuss about the fear of women and their insecurities. Take a look.

The fear of commitment may be due to many reasons. Women are secret books and deep thinkers. You never know what they are actually calculating in their mind. Here are a few things that make women feel insecure and fear to commit.

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Fear To Commit And Feel Insecure

1. She Doubts Your Feelings For Her
 It is definitely not easy for any girl to decide her life partner in just a date so before dating she would want to test the guy and know if he is decent enough and worthy enough to get close. Sometimes men promise a lot of things but fail to do so as time passes by.

2. She Feels That You Like Her For Her Body
Many men date women to satisfy their physical desires so the fear of women is that they are utilised the similar way. They would test men and take a long time to believe and accompany to date. Nowadays, women are smart and do not get exploited like the olden days. They think a lot before making a move.

3. She Is Not Confident About Your Commitment
Many women fear to commit as they feel that men may cheat and leave them after a few days without a hint. They try not to be that easy going until they get the confidence that the man is genuinely interested in them.

4. She Is Not Too Sure About How Much You Care
As days pass by women don't remain as beautiful as they are in their teens so they would like to love a man who will always care and stay with them. They would also look for a financially independent partner who can take care of them in their old age.

5. She Thinks That You May Be Having Lot More Friends Like Her
One of the main fears of women is loyalty. A woman might feel that she may be just another girl the guy is dating and that he is not very serious about the relationship.

These reasons may look boring to guys but certainly help women judge and make a good decision in choosing a partner for life.

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