Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Love Painful?

Is Love Painful? - pain - man draw heart on sand

Is love a painful experience? Most of the couple face pain in love. Not all but the broken hearts feel that love hurts. Is it the pain of getting rejected or betrayed or facing failure in love?
It is not always love which hurts! The feeling can be many like fear, doubts, misunderstanding, irresponsibility, continuous rejections, broken hearts and trusts, anger, jealousy, envy to name a few. These feelings or emotions are associated with love but the blame always goes on love. Love is not painful. It is the feelings which break you and takes you far away from your partner.
Love is a beautiful experience and everyone is not lucky to succeed in love relationships. Being in love makes you feel secure, loved, joyous and deep rooted emotional attachment. Love becomes painful when the relationship becomes a need. You are into a relationship because you like each other's company but making it a want or need spoils the intense feeling of being in love!
Love is painful when you face betrayal. No relationship come with an insurance of being permanent and one can't force the other sex to fall in love with. Love just happens. Failure in love relationship is natural in some cases due to various reasons. The attachment with your partner makes it hard to stay after a break up so love hurts at that time. Being in love doesn't come with a lifetime guarantee and success and failure in relationships are obvious if there is lack of compatibility and other social reasons which bombard you two when you are in love.
To come out from the belief that love is painful, you need to love yourself first. Stop becoming dependent on your partner as expectations reaches its peak due to expectancy. One needs to be strong and practical before getting into a relationship as the future can't be read. Be prepared to face the truth. It is hard but if you are strong then you can overcome with broken heart and the feeling of love hurts.
Stop thinking about the lost love and concentrate on how to get over with an unsuccessful relationship. Everyone is strong from heart. It is just the prejudice that we all are emotionally weak and emotional attachment in love ends your relationship!

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