Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 5 Things Women Want To Change In Men !!!!

Top 5 Things Women Want To Change In Men - woman put lipstick

Men are always men, silly, stubborn and childish but are there any more things that women would want to change in men? Ask women and the list never ends. Today, we shall discuss on the things that women would want to change in men. Take a look.
And if you ask men, they say that everything is a problem to women so why to change, stay the way they are and ask women to accept things as it is. This is the new mantra of all the gentlemen of the generation. But unfortunately, it is the men who always fall in love, fall for women and keep falling all their lives. Guys! Wake up know what women would want to change in you and make the necessary changes before you plan to fall for somebody.
Top 5 Things Women Want To Change In Men -
1. The first thing that women would want in men is good dressing. Stinky socks, dirty shoes, shabby hair and wrinkled outfit, a serious turn off for be it any women. Having a good sense of style matters a lot as women judge discipline in men, the idea of life, cleanliness based on the dressing sense.
2. Watch what you eat. Women of the generation are quite conscious about what they eat and drink. Junk, street foods and high calorie meal may be a big no no for your woman so if you plan to lead life with such a person, your food habits need to change and match with hers.
3. Women are choosy about people and wouldn't mingle with anybody and everybody. Unfortunately, the rules are the same even for their partners. Watch out when you introduce her to your friends and brief her about your friends so that she doesn't mistake and ask you to stay away from your best buddies.
4. And if you have any bad habits, our relationship advice for you would be to get over with the habit as most women split from their spouse because of the stubborn habit in men that they never want to let go. At least making her understand that you will slowly chuck the habit can save your relationship.
5. And if you are in a habit of fancying strip tease and watching naked women, it would become the biggest problem to your girlfriend as she may feel insecure and doubt you. Make her understand that it is occasional and doesn't matter to you feelings. Sometimes, even if you don't wish to, casually invite her to accompany you to a classy strip club. Doing this will make her feel that these things cannot break or make a relationship.

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