Monday, November 19, 2012

Do Gender Roles Impact Relationships?

Do Gender Roles Impact Relationships? - male - female

Gender roles in relationships could be the root of all sorts of trouble. Traditional gender roles are changing every minute and its not just the woman's role that is changing. Men too are reacting (be it positively or otherwise) to the changing gender roles of women. How does this dichotomy impact the already complex man-woman relationship?
What are the Traditional Gender Roles?
From time immemorial the gender roles in a relationship have been upholding

  • the Man as the Provider and Protector, and
  • the Woman as the Propagator and Nurturer
So what happens in today's scenario when men have been freed from their traditional gender roles of the bread winner. The conflicts in relationships that we see today are due to this precarious change.

How Does Change in Gender Roles Impact Relationships?

  • In theory the gender roles are changing but has anybody asked the poor woman what she wants? Men may not have to provide for women anymore but that does not mean that women don't want to be provided for. There are many women who would like to be homemakers but don't dare to do so for the fear of being termed 'inferior' by men themselves. If men were not so conscious of their role as earning members of the family, half the problem would not exist
  • Women say that they don't 'need' men anymore. When women say 'need' they mean financially and socially. But they still need men emotionally in their life. They need men as companions to confide in, love and cherish. Men interpret 'need' more holistically and have completely given up on their duties towards women.
  • Have you ever wondered why men think staying a bachelor is 'cool' and women thinks of spinsterhood as something shameful. The very word 'spinster' reflects societal bias. Men have given up their role of provider happily but they have forgotten to develop in the role of companion.They feel that women are not looking for anything in them so it is better to leave women alone. As a result they shy away from commitments and serious relationships.
  • Natural instincts don't really change along with gender roles for relationships. The man still want his girl's attention and the woman still like to see chivalry from their men. If you take a survey, 9 out of 10 women would say they want to be picked up and dropped off by their guy. When it comes to paying they bill they want the guy to at least offer to pay it first. But men think that since, women are now 'independent', men too must be independent of there chivalry. This leads to awkward moments, misunderstandings and finally heart burns.
Although the gender roles of relationships have changed you van always fall back on them for a deeper understanding of your partner's psyche. It helps solve a lot of conflicts in relationships.

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