Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is Conflict Healthy For Relationship?

Is Conflict Healthy For Relationship? - couple fighting

Conflict is a part of life. It is almost like breathing. One gets into a conflict every now and then but many people think a conflict loosens the strong ties of a healthy relationship. The fact is that a conflict is the key to a healthy relationship.
Conflicts occur when your ideas or thought doesn't match or when you do something which is not acceptable to your partner. No matter what the cause or reason be, conflicts have both positive and negative effects. It can create a deeper understanding, closeness and respect among the couple or may result to resentment, hostility and divorce. It depends on how you resolve the issue.
The approach to resolve a conflict varies as every individual has his/her own way of solving an issue. Few people like to forget it and have let it go attitude whereas few people have the tendency to remember the conflict and use it even in future which can be harmful. It is very important to get over the relationship conflict before it becomes unhealthy. How to solve relationship conflicts?
  • You can solve a relationship conflict by talking. Talk to your partner and express what and how you felt. 
  • Don't blame each other. Learn to accept if you are at fault. Don't take the relationship conflict too seriously if it is healthy. How to know if a conflict is healthy or unhealthy? Simple! If the fight is verbal and makes your partner cry or not talk then it is healthy whereas a physical conflict is unhealthy which is difficult to solve.
  • As mentioned, conflicts also occur due to different ideas or thoughts. You may have a different choice or likeness towards anything whereas your partner will have another take on it. This leads to a conflict. Try for an alternative which can be agreed upon by both!
  • The best way to get over relationship conflict is by solving it immediately when it occurs. Never keep it in mind and preserve it for later use! After solving a conflict, the love and understanding increases. Even the chances to know each other increases to a greater extent. Through conflict you come to know the likes and dislikes of your partner and what activities are leading to a problem in your relationship.
  • If your partner is short tempered, he/she will get over the conflict in sometime. If you think you need time to solve a conflict then take your time and give space if required to get over the bad mood.
Conflict is healthy for a relationship when you solve it so don't think a small fight can be harmful. At the end, it depends on the couple on how they take and solve the conflict.

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