Sunday, November 18, 2012

6 Tips To Deal With & Get Over Infatuation!

6 Tips To Deal With & Get Over Infatuation! - jealous man

In life you come across people whom you get attracted towards and wish to get along with him/her for a period of time until you realise that it was a crush! Infatuation, a part of human nature, is a desire to stay with the person you like to get emotional support. A crush is temporary but when it is felt, the infatuated person feels distracted and always thinks about getting the girl or boy you like.
Deal with infatuation! Just being stubborn to get him/her makes you depressed and discouraged at times. Many people find difficulty to deal with infatuation as it becomes difficult for them to stop thinking about their crush. Lets see the ways to deal with infatuation.
Tips to get over infatuation:
1. Time can help you get over an infatuation. You need to explain yourself that the crush you have is temporary and you can definitely get over it! Give time to yourself.
2. Avoid thinking about the girl or boy you like. To deal with an attraction, you need to stop thinking about him/her. Concentrate on something else you like and keep yourself engaged in work so that you don't get time to think. Free mind makes you think more!
3. If you have to face her everyday then you have to mentally explain yourself. Always think about your ego and dignity when your crush is near you. This will stop you from thinking about him/her.
4. If you have expressed your feeling but didn't get a positive reply, don't get depressed. Facing rejection is a part of life which you have to get over as early as possible! After getting the answer things should not become complicated. As you know the answer, you can console yourself.
5. Look around. Finding an alternative is an easy and common remedy to get over an infatuation.
6. See what you want. Ask yourself before if you need the girl/boy you like for sometime or for whole life. Infatuation can be physical or mental. Generally, a crush is physical and temporary. Stop imagining if you want to get over an infatuation.
Use these tips to get over an infatuation and make yourself strong!

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