Sunday, November 25, 2012

If You Are Shy, These Dating Tips Will Help !!!!

Flirting--If You Are Shy, These Dating Tips Will Help

In today"s society, dating has become very common. Everyone wants to meet that special person to find love and to stay happy. However, there are some people who find this whole idea of dating to be a waste of time for they believe in other forms of finding love. And on another hand, there are some girls who fear the word itself.
Last week while we were partying, a friend of mine saw a handsome young lad sitting across the bar, wanting to go over to talk to him was one desire, but, every time we told her to approach him her body would be covered with goose bumps! Now, here is one thing you would find in most of the young girls.
If you are a shy girl, here are some dating tips for shy girls which will help you get your man.

1. If you are looking for a date, try to first figure out what type of flirting style you are. Flirting styles are of five types. So if you are a traditional flirting style , then definitely you would be a person who would want your man to walk up to you and ask you out on a date.

2. The perfect dating tips for shy girls are to first be confident. Try to find out a little bit of the man you would want to date and be prepared as to what type of questions he would ask you. On the date, if he focuses only on you try to change the moment and ask him questions related to his life too.. Being interactive is the best way to go for shy girls.
3. The best dating tips for shy girls is to keep in mind is to be interactive and smile whenever he looks at you. Try to be yourself and you will see that the date will go on perfectly fine. Breathe in and out to control your fear and relax to let things stay at ease while you are with your date.
4. Be on the safe side and stay away from alcohol. Consuming alcohol can spoil your night and your chance of getting to know the person who admire. When you are shy, the best dating tips for shy girls is to leave a good impression by staying calm and letting things flow easy into the night.
Last but not the least, do not forget to impress! The best dating tips for shy girls is to look natural and stay beautiful with a smile which will melt the man before you.

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