Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Corner Lying Boyfriends !!!!

How To Corner Lying Boyfriends

Before reading further, ask yourself if you have ever been true in your relationship. If the answer to the question is 'yes' then go ahead and read on! As a child, mother always told me that there are two types of lies. One is the white lie, where in situations you have to lie in order to get out of something bad or to avoid a circumstance and the other is the black lie where in situations you would find yourself caught up in the wrong path eventually leading to a disaster for another person involved.
In any relationships, couples would pass it off as a white lie , but if the partner does not believe so, then you can go ahead and test them.
Here are some ways where you can test your boyfriend if he is lying to you.
1.Guys have this peculiar way of lying to their girlfriends, they are born with it! Some guys lie in order to get away with situations that they do not want to be a part of. The most common way to find out if your boyfriend is lying is when he has different sides to the story. If they are lying to your face the reasons come out naturally and do not forget to notice the eye contact.

2.Manner of speech is also another way to find out if your boyfriend is lying. He may at times be lost at words when he tries to answer your question. Stammering is an easy way to find out. But do not underestimate guys, as there are some perfectionists too. Things to also look out for to find out if your boyfriend is lying is his long pauses in the conversation as he is thinking of what to say to cover up and another is the voice cracking, which is hilarious!
3.Changing of the topic is one of the easiest ways to find out if your boyfriend is lying to you. He gets angry when the topic is discussed and pushing it away is for him not to lie further to make the situation even worse. Along with this you would also notice angry body movements , the feeling of discomfort!
These are some of the ways to find out if your boyfriend is lying to you. Act on it and if he does not come out with the truth, ask his close buddies, as simple as that!

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