Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talking To A Girl Can Be Easy !!!

couple shy - Tips To Talk To A Girl You Like - Talking To A Girl Can Be Easy

A friend of mine was not only drop dead gorgeous but also the type of guy who would make a lady melt. His personality was enriching and his manner of approach in front of ladies was done perfectly! No one ever thought he would become a ladies man when he was younger, but today he surprises the whole family because every time he comes home, there is a beautiful lady holding his hand. He exclaims,' Talking to a girl, is a piece of cake.'
Men should understand that women are not toys and cannot be mishandled every time they want to play. So in order to gain respect and be respected , here are a few ways where you can actually pull your way through in talking to a girl and getting her to like you for who you are.
1.The first thing that one should learn is to respect women , which most men feel it is not a necessity. What men think is that women should obey to all their rules and do what they want them to do.
2.It is quite natural that when a guy is shy, he will stammer when he sees a beautiful girl saying hello to him. The first key is to be confident in yourself. Tell yourself that you are going to be okay and will pull through it successfully. The one thing that my friend always tells us if he ever feels shy meeting a young lady is, 'She is human, just like you and me, the only difference is that God took more time in carving her'. This should be your motive in talking to a girl.
3.In talking to a girl, the one thing you should keep in mind is the eye contact. You can gain a lot of what a person's thinking just by looking at her eyes. In a way, you will also be confident and the feeling of nervousness will slowly fade away in her presence.
4.Always start of a friendly note when talking to a girl, she loves a man who will draw a smile to her face and a good sense of humor to make her day feel special. So if you have got that in you, you will definitely have a loving and beautiful woman by your side.
So, the next time you see a lovely lady sitting across the bar, don't hold back to say hello ! Pull up your socks and move ahead in talking to her.

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