Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beware Of A Controlling Relationship!

Beware Of A Controlling Relationship!

Stella always had a problem when it came to her boyfriend. Scared of what he might do to her when she went out with friends, 23-year-old Stella would think a million times to let her boyfriend know about her whereabouts. There were times when her boyfriend would literally lock her in the house keeping her away from her friends fearing that he will lose her one day to another man.

But, it so happened that he did loose her. Stella found a way out of this relationship and today she is happy to be single waiting patiently if ever the man of her dreams would knock on the door of her heart.

Here are some life saving ways to help you realize if you are a victim in a controlling relationship.

There will be times when you see him looking at you in a particular way, trying to figure out if you are telling him the truth. Some men who do not understand their partners go through the feeling of in security where they actually end up in domestic violence in order to make sure that the girl is telling the truth.

2.Self Interest 
This is one common sign one would see in a controlling relationship. The man always puts himself before his girlfriend. When Stella explained to her loved one about her new job, he did not praise her in any way neither did he encourage or congratulate her. He spoke about his career and how important it was in the relationship. His money matters and superiority issues also came up, thus putting Stella down!

3.Craving For Freedom 
 There is always a sense of wanting freedom in the relationship. If you are living in a state where your life is barred, then you are most definitely in a controlling relationship. We live in a country where one has their own rights and your partner has no upper hand in suppressing it.

 One thing that Stella feared in her controlling relationship was public embarrassment. There was once a time when she and her lover, went out for a movie along with friends and watching the emotional romantic movie, Stella began to cry. Her lover felt embarrassed by this and began to insult Stella making her cry. Like these cases, there are many lovers in controlling relationships who embarrass their partner directly or indirectly.
These are some of the signs one would see in a relationship. Beware, if you are facing these signs and let go before it is too late.

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