Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dos & Donts On First Dates !!!!

Dos & Donts On First Dates

Falling in love is easy but meeting the right person isn't! In today's world you would find that most of the youngsters still believe in blind dates and speed dating which of course there is nothing wrong , so in order to perfect on these occasions , here are some dos and donts for first dates to make them ever so green and lovely.
If you ask any teenage girl on what she thinks of first dates, she would state it being scary and nerve wrecking ! On many occasions I have seen many people waiting at the dining for their date to arrive, the tiny spots of sweat on their forehead and upper lip makes me wonder why should it be like that!
So this made me think on what can help you overcome these fears , so here are a few dos for first dates and donts.

A) Dos
1.Always be on time for the first date. This shows how punctual you are in managing life. Remember that the first impression always pays off! Dont let your date think your lazy and unconcerned.
2.Keeping a positive attitude before him/her is important on first dates. So make sure you have your head held high and the right frame of mind to impress him or her. One of the best dos for first dates is to always be prepared on current affairs. Be nice and you will gain high respect!
3.Being confident is the target one needs to take care of. If you leave behind all that negative feeling and shaky hands then you are bound to having an interesting first date. Pay attention to your date and show interest that your full concentration is at the table and no where else!

These three dos for first dates is very important so make use of them. Coming to the donts of first dates, you should be on high alert not to make these mistakes as it can ruin the onset of your love life.

B) Donts
1.It is very very important not to talk about your past relationships in any type of dating. People will not find that interesting and you in turn will gain no pity. So keep the date only about the two of you at the table and dont crawl in the past.
2.Table manners and in general should be at the tip of your fingers when you go on dates. Leaving a good impression will make your date believe that you are brought up with rich values and respect. So dont talk loud, dont smack your lips while you eat and dont be impatient!
3.Tip on donts of first dates is never talk about personal issues. Its tacky and way too intimate right on the first meeting. The next time you meet your date on several occasions maybe you can squeeze in some personal issues!

These are the donts of first dates so, keep away!

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