Monday, November 5, 2012

I Love Him But... I Am Not Sure !!!

I Love Him But... I Am Not Sure

I love him 'but' I am not sure. This is a very common statement that we hear from girls these days. Relationships have changed over time and so have our perceptions towards them. Even after being in long term relationships, couples are unable to banish 'doubt' from their minds. The new generation is confused and not very determined when it comes to relationships.
Doubt kills a relationship; even the most perfect couple have ended up ruining their relationship because of doubt. So if you love a guy, do not come up with these doubts.

I love him but I don't like his family:
This is one of the first things that women say. You must realise that he is a product of his family. So if you don't like his family, you will eventually end up not liking him. Otherwise, you can be a positive person and say that you will love his family just as much as you love him.

I love him but he doesn't earn enough:
That is a tricky one. Every girl has some dreams. You have to take a call on whether your dreams are stronger than your love for him. Moreover, he may not earn enough now but does he have prospects for the future? This doubt in your relationship can be cleared only by you.

I love him but he doesn't love me: 
In that case, dump him. You must always be with the person who loves you the most and not with the person you love the most. That is the secret to a happy relationship.

I love him but he is not my soul mate:
For sustaining a long term relationship, you need understanding more than love. Wild passion is a fleeting emotion; it will pass. So, it is better that you drop the guy you think you love and pursue someone who will be your soul mate. Be very clear in the parameters you have for your soul mate or else you will never find him.

I love him but I don't know if I always will: 
Trust me, if he is a practical guy he is thinking the same thing. Nothing is permanent in this world but nobody starts a relationship with the intention of ending it. The intent to stay together forever must be there, the rest will take care of itself.

I love him but I can't live with him: 
If you love him enough, then you will find a way to live with him. Relationships are all about compromise and adjustments; you cannot escape it. Never calculate how much you are investing in the relationship and compare it with how much he is putting in. Only if you rise above selfish motives will you be able to make it work.

Where there is love, there should be no 'ifs' and 'buts'. But most of the times, women don't know what they want. So these points should help them banish doubt from a relationship.

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