Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Ways In Which Women Control Men !!!!

7 Ways In Which Women Control Men

Do you think you totally control of your relationship with your girlfriend or wife? Think again. Women control their relationships in very subtle ways. In fact, most of the time men don't have a clue that their wives is controlling them. Men think they are the bosses but actually they are being manipulated.
Here are some very delicate ways in which women control relationships. Check them out to know if you are being controlled.

1. You are the boss:
The best way to control any situation is by distraction. And women distract you from the real problem by making you feel like the boss. Whenever she says, 'Its totally up to you' you should know you are being manipulated.

2. Setting examples:
Whenever your wife or girlfriend states an example of another couple, you should know that she trying to give you a message. If so-an-so brought his wife a diamond ring on her birthday, you are being expected to follow suit.

3. Home Minister: 
Most women become control freaks when it comes to running their homes. You won't even know when she pushes you out of the kitchen! So if you want your share the household decisions, put your foot down now.

4. Damsel in distress:
Behaving like a 'poor little thing' is one of the most powerful weapons of a woman. She is at once the independent modern woman and when she needs a job done, she can turn into a totally hassled damsel in distress waiting for her Knight in shinning armour to rescue her.

5. Fear the tears:
It is stereotype that women cry to have their way but many stereotypes are actually based on truth. A woman's tears do have profound impact on a man. Women know that crying always works and it is a passive aggressive way out of any problem. In this way women can control relationships without being the aggressor.

6. Unsaid Threats:
Women are very good at threatening men without using any overtly challenging words. If she wants to get married and you have not popped the question yet, she will subtly let you know that she has other proposals waiting, so you better hurry up!

7. Pampering or buttering?:
Women are generally more observant then men. She knows exactly what you like and what you don't. Your wife can control you by pampering you with the right things. She will ask you what you want for your birthday and in that way make sure that you return the gesture of goodwill. In this way women get exactly what they want from their men.

Not all women are control freaks. It is just that men and women control their relationships in different ways. There is no harm in getting controlled once in a while for the sake of love.

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