Monday, November 5, 2012

Can Men Hide Pain?

Can Men Hide Pain -shy couple

It is often believed that men are stronger than women. They have more strength to deal with break ups and endure pain within themselves. Women on the other side express their pain through anger or tears. Men do not cry and thus it is difficult to know if he is also in pain or not.
Earlier it was just talks but now the study has proved that men are strong from inside too. According to a study by Leeds Metropolitan University, it has been found out that men can endure more pain than women.

They feel that showing off pain can affect their macho image so, men always hide their pain within themselves.

Men have a strong male ego that stops them from expressing what they are facing. The ego makes them appear insensitive and strong. That is why when trouble and pain comes in, men do not cry or shiver even if they are tensed or sad. To show off their strong attitude, they tend to act in such a way that you will not realise that he is suffering from pain.

Take the example of divorce. Both men and women get upset and the pain of staying alone haunts them every single moment. A woman will express the pain by crying or sharing with friends and family. However, men do not show it. They either party hard to hide their pain or in worst cases, discuss with their best friend.
The level of endurance in men is higher. So, you cannot say that men are weak from the heart. The Leeds Metropolitan University study took sensitivity, endurance, stereotypical endurance, individual willingness into account.

How do men hide pain?
Avoid discussions: This is one of the simplest ways men use to hide their pain. If you ask something that hurts him, he will either reply in one word or simply ask you to change the topic. It is a classic way men use to hide their pain.

Mix more with friends: Men try to hide their pain by mixing with more friends. They make more friends to avoid loneliness. Making new friends and hinging out late in the night is a simple trick to avoid thinking about pain and feeling it.

They never cry in front of others: Male ego is very strong. This ego only makes a man endure pain. This also stops their willingness to share their issues with someone. Like women, men cannot cry. It is not that men do not cry at all. They do not like to gain attention by showing others.

Boosts up their ego: To hide their pain, men try to boost up male ego. Once the male ego is back on track, a man can get over the pain easily.

These are ways in which men hide their pain and endure it themselves. Do you agree?

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