Monday, November 19, 2012

How Women Deal With Male Ego?

How Women Deal With Male Ego? - man guy ego - woman choking man
Understanding male ego is a must to know your man in details. Women use the male ego by blending it with tears and emotions. Lets check out how women use men ego and get their things done in their own way without letting the man know:
  • A woman flirts in front of her man to boost his ego and also make him jealous. This jealousy makes the man possessive towards his partner and the lady gets her work done! She wants to be loved and the jealousy in her man makes him keep her close to him and away from others.
  • Women attack emotionally to fight with male ego! She gets her things done by shedding tears or using heavy words to test him. A woman loves to use her emotional side to get her man under control. Using heavy words like “If you love me you will do", “You never loved me?" to name a few.
  • Women keep the man's urge for lovemaking on a hold most of the times. Men feel their ego is unbreakable but in this context men fall in front of their female counterpart. A male psychology towards lovemaking is very different when compared to women. Men want to make love at any time of the day which is just the opposite with a woman. This is where women exploit with the male ego.
  • According to women's psychology, a woman loves to see a man running behind her as it makes her feel in demand and boosts her ego! Women break men ego by throwing attitude which sometimes is unwanted and thus become a reason behind a fight. For eg, not receiving the call of her man, refusing to meet by throwing excuses etc shows her use of feminine power.
  • There are few women who use men to get her things done like a temporary commitment to enjoy roaming with him. Most commonly spending his money to buy clothes, get free gifts and trips.
Women know few traits of male ego which they find difficult to beat and so they use their powerful weapons like tears, emotions and the clash of women and male psychology gets a twist!

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