Monday, November 19, 2012

What Is It That Women Look For In Men?

women-attract-to-men - What Is It That Women Look For In Men

If all men out there always felt that women are from Venus for their complicated behavior then here are few ways to know them. Women are not complicated by nature but the frequency of men and women runs on different wavelength. Women may look like a secret book but understanding them is never impossible. Take a look to find out what women want in men.
May be women like luxury but aren't very mad over it. The diamond rings, fashion outfits make them freak but at the same time they will shower the same amount of the love without any condition. Sneak a peek to get a better understanding about women.
Knowing What Your Women Want In Men -
1. Do you really love her? Then express it right then. Do not make a mistake of proposing her while you are on bed with her as it makes her feel that you love her just like that.
2. Women like honesty in men so speak the truth as guts and repentance itself will make her show all the respect you want from her.
3. If she likes you with something, may be a t-shirt, your watch then wear it more often as it makes her feel that her choice is always your favorite and that it matters to you the most.
4. Never pass comments on her dress or beauty instead tell her that she looks good with the outfits you think looks cool on her.
5. Compliment her looks, ping her often, email when you feel like romancing. These flattering things will simply make her melt for you.
6. Respect her for the way she is than the way you want her to be as that is what you liked and fell in love with.

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