Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Say No To A Boy Without Hurting His Feelings ?!!!

How To Say No To A Boy Without Hurting His Feelings? - reject a guy man

How to say No to a Guy? Saying No is difficult for a majority of women. Why is it so? Are they confused or they don't want to express themselves? It is a tough job to say No to someone who really likes you and makes you feel important! Say no if you want to but it might hurt the feelings so be careful and use the best way to say No to a guy!
As a teenager or a young preteen or an adult, you might get proposals to go out with someone who may be close to you or a new friend of yours who is interested in you. You may not think the same for him due to different thinking and any such personal reasons. Girls feel saying No will hurt the feelings of a man so they try indirect ways which might not work so lets check out ways on how to say No to a boy:
1.You feel saying No to a guy is rude but its not the same. Men love honest girls so it is best to be honest rather than lying.
2.Trying indirect ways to say No to a boy is not affective all the time as men take it some other way which is positive towards them and negative towards you. For eg, saying I don't know you properly may mean that you are interested in knowing him. Think before trying indirect ways.
3.Sometimes give some excuses like delaying it or stating that you are busy now. This works in few cases. A matured and egoist man will get it that its a NO and the rejecting a guy will not hurt his feelings too.
4.If the guy is really good and loving then he will walk out peacefully without making you feel guilty. So, how to say No to a boy can be easy here!

5.Every man knows that rejection is a part and parcel of life so he must be mentally prepared to face it. Sometimes if a man wants you badly, he will show that your rejecting a guy has hurt him so that you change your decision.
6.Most of the men are into dating games which can be for fun or serious in nature. So, don't feel bad. A good guy will thank you for being honest and thank you for that before leaving your life!
7.Don't think so much before saying No to a boy. He will never say that he disrespects your decision or else force you to say yes. Its your life and you can only judge as to who will be in your life!
Use these 7 ways to say No to a boy without hurting his feelings. Don't be worried as you can't be with everyone and can reject a guy without hurting his feelings!

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