Monday, November 5, 2012

How To Hide An Affair ??!!

How To Hide An Affair - two people in love - like - attraction

Falling in love is not under your control. When you are dating someone, all your friends and enemies come to know. The more you try to hide your affair, the more it becomes open. You might think that becoming a Casanova or a dirty b*** will help you gain fame and popularity in school but, there is always a need to hide affairs. Making your relationships public may be dangerous in the long run, so it is best to hide a few affairs.
Many couples hide their affairs due to several reasons. Peer pressure, family problems, society problems or simply privacy! If you want to hide your affair and keep it secretive, here are few smart dating tips for you.

Be normal like before: 
I know falling in love will change you completely. You will blush when you see your partner and also start smiling. You have to control your feeling especially when your friends are around. Your small gesture or reaction can make people doubt about your relationship.

Change the name:
 If you want to hide your affair and keep it secretive, then change the name of your partner in your mobile. It would be good to change the name and make the relationship free from hassles. If your friends doubt when you stick over the phone all day long, then you have to play it very safely. Change the name of your partner everywhere and control your urge to talk all day long especially when you are around your friends. An extra marital affair or double-dating becomes more tricky to handle when your partner stays with you. So, be very careful. Your every move can be dangerous.

Security code:
 It is very easy to get caught through phones. If you want to hide your relationship, then always keep a security code to avoid complications. Be it school, college, office or extra-marital affair, if you want to hide your love life from someone, delete messages and call log to play it safe. You can also keep a new name of your partner so that no one doubts on you. Sometimes, store some normal messages like "Hi" or "Sup" as it appears friendly.

Do not meet in public:
 To keep a secretive affair, you have to notice all your moves. Where you meet and what you do in public places can put you in trouble. Hidden relationships should be very confidential and secretive. It is best to meet at your house or partner's place or at locations where no one knows you. It becomes easy to hide an affair then.

These are few dating tips to hide an affair from others. Do you have more ideas to add? Do drop a comment and share with us!

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