Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Good Reasons To Date Short Guys !!!

Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise - Some Good Reasons To Date Short Guys

Do you brush off a seemingly nice guy just because he is shorter than you. Think again, tall women and short men are known to make good pairs. The glamour industry has so many short guys whom we admire. But when it comes to real life, we tend to hesitate to date a guy who is shorter than us. Why the prejudice? A man's height has nothing to do with his intellect, looks or nature.
Most women have the fairytale version of a 'tall, dark and handsome' guy in their dreams. But in real life, it is the short guys who make better dates. Here are some good reasons to date a guy who is short but smart.

He dared to ask you out:
 The fact that short men ask tall women out on date indicates that they have a lot of self confidence. Life is very difficult for short men because they do not fit the social prototype. However, if he has gathered the courage to come up to you and ask you out means that he is worth a try.

He doesn't care about stereotypes:
 A guy who can ask a taller woman out gives two damns about the world who will laugh at him. Tall women paired with shot men is still a socially unconventional sight. Thus, a guy who dares to break this stereotype will not be typical in any way. So if you are a 'break the rules' kind of a girl, short guys are perfect for you.

'Handsome' doesn't have a height: 
When we say that a guy is handsome, then the adjective has no height connotations associated with it. A short guy can also be drop dead handsome. Take Tom Cruise or Salman Khan for example. He may be short but she can still sweep you off your feet.

Short men are smart: 
All short guys know that there is social bias against them. This makes them work all the more hard to overcome it. Short men usually try harder to impress a woman and put extra effort into making her happy. Eventually good looks cease to matter in a relationship. So when the initial magic wears off, won't you rather be with a guy who tries hard to please you?

You can always walk on the ramp:
 You may not be very tall woman but being with a short man will make you feel taller and more confident. For the first time in your life, you will feel like a fashion model walking the ramp!

Don't write of a guy just because he is short. Always remember that good things come in small packages.

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