Monday, November 5, 2012

Manly Things That Women Love !!!

Manly Things That Women Love - hot Handsome man guy

A woman gets impressed by a man after checking out his nature, personality, attitude etc. However, there are few activities and things about being a man that can attract a woman towards you like a magnet! Chivalry is still not dead and women crave to find such manly traits in their men. Lets check out few men qualities that women die for.

Manly qualities women love:

 Have you seen the movie "A Lot Like Love"? In this Hollywood flick, Ashton Kutcher plays the role of a dependent guy who stays with his family. This is not a typical manly attitude that women would die for. An independent man will always tempt a woman to date him. So, a man who has moved out from his mother's house can be really impressive to a woman.

A strong physique: 
Women always have a fetish for a man who has a strong and built physique. A robust man is not just a fantasy but a temptation that women can't resist. You would hardly find a handsome and well built man single! Women never avoid robust men at all!

The chivalry act: 
Well, any act of chivalry would be impressive. It is one of the manly qualities that women love and always wish to get more of it. Pulling out chair on a date, opening car doors for you, listening to you etc, are a few acts that makes a woman feel special. These manly activities are often known as traits of a Gentlemen.

Pays the bills:
 A well settled guy is always in the hot pick up list of women. As a man, he needs to offer to pay the bills. Just trying few acts of chivalry like pulling out chairs, lighting candles won't help. At the end of the meal, you have to show your wallet just to be impressive enough to get into the list of men whom women love list!

Takes the lead:
 Women might have come up in the same level of competition. However, they still wish to be under the dominance of a man. It is one of the manly activities that can vary among women. Men who take lead appear strong and dominating; something that women desire all the time. But, there are few women who do not like to get dominated. So, it has mixed response.

Drives the car/bike:
 It is a manly thing that can drive women crazy. Not all men have the right attitude to carry this extremely manly thing with ease. All you need is confidence, strong personality and attitude. Women die for men who have the right attitude.

These are few manly things that women love the most. Do you have more things to add in the list?

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