Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Become A Best Pal To Girlfriend?

How To Become A Best Pal To Girlfriend? - good friends

Do you feel that you can be a better friend to your girlfriend? Well, it is definitely possible if you understand her and try being a '3 AM' girlfriend. Take a look to know the ways to become her best pal. Here are some tips.
Best pals are those who are always there for good and bad times. They are a guide, inspiration and more than family members. So being one of them will help you have a good relationship with girlfriend.

Ways To Become A Better Friend To Your Girlfriend

1. Become A Company – A best pal is one who gives a company to girlfriend where ever she plans to go so call her and find out if she interested in taking you along. This way she will get ample time to spend with you and make you get close.
2. Be Patient When Your Girlfriend Is Shopping – A general mentality of boyfriends is that they would always get impatient when their partners shop and hurry them up to leave unlike close pals so change the way you think and help her make the right choice (forget about timings when shopping).
3. Do Not Talk Work With Girlfriend – Usually boyfriends discuss office and work pressure when it is time to have fun with their partner. Getting serious with conversation will make her feel as if she is spending time with a professional and not a friend.
4. Act Silly And Kiddish When Required – For a healthy relationship, you need to act innocent and cheer your girlfriend even if it looks silly. Talking childish will make her feel that you are open to fun and she can crack jokes just like she does with her close pals.
5. Don"t Mind If You Are Asked To Carry Her Bag – Close pals always share burden so carrying your girlfriend"s bag will make her feel that you are ready to get close to her come what may and help her share a better relationship with you. Do not forget! Dealing girlfriend is also a knack.

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