Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Your Boyfriend Too Desperate?

Is Your Boyfriend Too Desperate? -   Desperate man guy

A woman is always behind a man's success but a man's desperation is one of the prime reasons for not finding a partner for their life. Women like independent and confident men (confident about self) and not somebody who wait for compliments, praises and prizes. Women feel that men who accept things as they are to be incompetent to live in the 21st century, they like the 'get it' attitude and the burning passion.
For women who feel stuck and not being able to decide if their boyfriend is desperate and suffocating the relationship. Here are some signs to wake up and find someone of their kinds.
Desperate Boyfriend?: Check Out The Signs Of Desperation
1. Men of these kinds always flirt with girls and try getting clingy. They always expect a shoulder to cry on and crib about things. Their heights of desperation lies in continuing with a conversation even if the other person has no interest.
2. These desperate men always beg for compliments. You, most of the time will find them talking only about themselves 'I problem' and expecting the other person to praise and give namesake credits.

3. Their heights of joblessness can be sensed when they constantly mail, text and call you. The messages do not make any sense but are still sent to continue with the conversation. They easily take you for granted.

4. Desperate boyfriends are ready with anything that you say, they are no less bonded labourers. They are ready at your doorstep and will follow you whenever and where ever you want. They act like puppets and would never want to think different.
5. These so called 'clingy men' can even make your life depressing by expecting the same amount of dedication they have towards you. They want to be centre of attraction in your eyes and assume that you are always free for them.

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