Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meeting Your Boyfriend's Mother?

Lights, camera and actions; the earth will stand still as you meet your biggest enemy for life. You must be going to meet your boyfriend's mother for the first time. With all the negative myth and rumours around this particular relationship of mother in law and daughter in law, it must be a very tense moment to actually meet your future mother in law. However, you need not panic or over do yourself, all you have to is follow some basic relationship tips to avoid any problems with your boyfriend and of course, his mother, later on in life.
Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before meeting your boyfriend's mother.
Tips For Meeting Boyfriend's Mother:
  • You must always remember that she is as anxious to meet you as you are to meet her. Being a woman at the end of the day she is subject the same societal norms as you are. She too has heard all about the hyped hatred between the two most important women in a man's life so she will be just as nervous as you are.
  • But she is already your boyfriend's mother; her position in his life is permanent and you are still to get a legal recognition for your relationship. If you do not play your cards right, it that may never happen because she is capable of causing a lot of problems with your boyfriend, so beware.
  • She has no obligation to like you and you have every obligation to impress her. So recognise the truth of your precarious situation and act accordingly. Do not try to prove to her that you can have her son without her consent.
  • She will resent you out of natural instinct. If you were in her position you would too. She has carried her son for 9 months in her womb and given birth to him. She has contributed her life to his upbringing and thus she feels she owns him more than anybody else. Now that ownership is about to be shared and she won't like it at first. Don't judge her for it.
  • Do not overdo your politeness and respect for her. She will read it as being fake and mothers are always on the lookout for gold diggers. She will make a mental note of your behaviour and slip in a comment where it is necessary. The result will some pretty bad boyfriend problems.
  • The best way to deal with your future mother in law is to be yourself. Be polite but not overtly so. If you disagree with her then tell her so respectfully. Being genuine is very important because keeping aside her possessiveness, she wants the best for her son. So you have to be that 'best.'
Use these tips to avoid relationship problems with your boyfriend's mother and meet her with a clean mind. It may not be as bad as you suspect.

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