Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Men Fall In Love?

How Men Fall In Love - kissing at sunset

Remember those filmy dialogues where the feeling of falling in love has been described with lots of emotions and feelings. When women fall in love, they blush after seeing their lover and keep sending 'miss you' texts. These signs show that she is in love but when men fall in love, they might feel the same but their style of expression is quiet different. If you want to know what happens to a man when he starts falling in love, keep reading...
How do men fall in love?

Attraction through physical appearance: 
Men will be men. They firstly notice the figure and appearance of a girl. If it impresses him, he starts taking the girl positively. It is not necessary that a man will only look at the woman in a dirty way! A woman in a bright red fully covered yet stylish outfit can tempt a man to look at her. It is just the style, looks, attitude and personality of a woman that impresses a man.

Slow infatuation:
This is the initial stage of love where a man starts getting attracted to the girl he likes. In this stage, a man gets infatuated and is never tired of appreciating his lady. It is not love but a step where he is trying to get close to her. The attraction becomes so strong that he will try to get all her attention Complimenting your outfit or new hairstyle are a few tactics men use to impress women. If a woman reacts positively, then he might enter the next stage or else forget her. It is very easy for men to move on from this stage as they are not yet in love.

Starts thinking:
Your silly talks, girlish behaviour and attitude impresses him. The growing closeness among you two makes him think about you all the time. The closeness can be initiated by either him or you. The attachment increases when you become close friends. Friendship becomes deeper and the man starts thinking about you.

Focus on creating an impression:
When a man starts liking you and wishes to get all your attention and interest towards him, he will concentrate on making an impression on you. It is just an attempt to get all your attention and make you feel that he is good and perfect for you. Caring for you, keeping your likes and wishes in mind and acting accordingly are few examples to show that he is trying his best to impress you. This is a stage where a man thinks that he has really started liking you.

Think once again:
When the feeling of love starts capturing his heart and mind, he tends to deny it for sometime. This is because he gets shocked by its intensity. Thus he thinks and reconfirms once again.

Finally, when he realises that he is in love, he ends up proposing to his lady love. These are a few stages to describe how men fall in love.

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