Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Women Love Powerful Men??

Why Women Love Powerful Men - girl likes a guy - library

It is a universally accepted fact that most women love men who yield a lot of power. Now power need not mean physical power but the power to get things done, that is, social, political and financial power. In those terms, politicians, big corporates, mafia dons are all powerful men and they always get the most beautiful women. The best way to illustrate this phenomenon is through the connection between Bollywood beauties and the Mumbai Underworld. Bollywood star Monica Bedi had a long standing relationship with Underworld Don Abu Salem. What draws perfectly normal women towards these dangerous yet powerful men? Lets find out...

Why Women Love Powerful Men:

They Pay The Bills: 
The types of men who have power are also the ones who have the cash. They are filthy rich and like to pamper their lady loves. The scent of money is one of the biggest things that draws beautiful women towards these dark and powerful men. Everything that a girl could want, the best clothes, the most expensive cosmetics, good food, travel and all elements of the 'good life' are just a trivial tribute for being on a successful man's arm.

The Status Symbol:
For most of the women, it is not always the money factor. A lot of men have money but not all of them come under the types of men who women adore. Even a software engineer at a very high corporate post can be rich. But 'power' is a totally a different ball game. In this regard, the editor of a popular newspaper has much more real power than many professionals. Women like the status that comes with being a power guy's 'girl'. She suddenly goes from an average girl on the streets to an untouchable dream!

The Tryst With Danger: 
Most of us lead a mundane and routine life. Although it is peaceful, it is frankly boring. Who doesn't want a little adventure in their lives? Women are attracted by a sense of danger and adventure that comes with these men. We see adventure only in movies or read about it in books. A part of you always want to live that life despite the danger in it.

Women Love Bad Boys:
This is a famous saying that will send most feminists into an uproar. But it is an observation that we cannot deny. May be not all, but some women do love men who are not strictly speaking, 'good boys'. Powerful men are usually dominating and the worst kinds of chauvinists. That 'dark' side of their personality also attracts women to a great extent.

Women Are Ambitious: 
We live no more in a world where the only source of her power is a man. But, he is still the easiest and readily available source of a woman's power. While some women work hard and struggle to gain power, others hang to a powerful man in order to fulfill their ambitions. Just as there are power hungry men, there are power hungry women as well. And the fastest way to become powerful for some women is through men.

These are some of the reasons for which women love men who have lots of power.

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