Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ways To Keep Boyfriend Happy !!!

Ways To Keep Boyfriend Happy - happy couple - hugging from behind

Keeping your partner happy is not easy. You need to have the perfect situation and mood to support such a jovial mood. Many a times, tension or boredom spoils the lovely relationship of couples. Thus, it is very important to keep your partner happy just to have a strong love life. Keeping a woman happy is not difficult as you can surprise her with a gift and she will fall into your arms. But, when it comes to boyfriend, you have to think twice as most of the men are moody. Keeping them happy is very difficult as you can't read their mind. Thus, here are few simple ideas to keep your boyfriend happy almost every day.

5 ways to keep your boyfriend happy:

Make him know that you trust him:
When you try to show that you trust him honestly, he will come close to you and would always try to keep you happy. This also improves the bonding of the couple. Trust him and see how he himself comes to you.

Stop fighting for silly reasons:
"Why didn't you call" or "Why you wore a red shirt" are common questions that women ask. Take a break from this and see how things change. Men do not like to stay in an environment where conflicts and fights occur regularly. Let him be as he is. This is one of the best ways to keep your boyfriend happy. If you had a fight, do not prolong it for a longer duration. Your man might lose interest in you.

Cook his favourite dish:
There is a common saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Use this saying in real life to make your boyfriend happy. It is simple and would be a great surprise. Try to know his favourite cuisine and dishes. Next time, instead of going to a restaurant and emptying his pocket, cook at home and surprise him.

Give him the desired space:
Men do not like when you stick too much to him and dominate him. Everyone wants to enjoy their personal space and it is required! Do not keep nagging him all the time or else, you might end up seeing a frustrated boyfriend. If he says that he is busy with his friends, give him the time to get back to you. Men love to hang out with women who gives them their personal space and do not act like a spy.

Surprise with a sexy lingerie or outfit: 
Men are always ready for lovemaking. You can make your boyfriend happy by doing something like this. Try this sensual trick to surprise your man and excite him. You can also try a sexy outfit that turns him on and makes him come closer to you.

These are few ways to make your boyfriend happy and have a healthy love life. Do you have more points to add to the list? Share with us.

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