Friday, November 23, 2012

Do You Believe In Destiny When It Comes To Love?

Happy-couple-sunset - Do You Believe In Destiny When It Comes To Love

Is relationship dependent on destiny or is it your karma that decides the future of your relation? There have been many stories where the couples separate due to their strong belief in destiny and less reliance on their karma to be together.
Blaming destiny for the success or failure of your relationship is not the right way of losing or winning love. Karma is what decides the future of your relationship and not the destiny. A common phrase, 'You write destiny" is right and should be applied to assure a bright future.
Belief in destiny alone can lead to a failure in a relationship. Generally couples in a relationship have faith in both karma and destiny but the point is destiny comes after karma. To keep a relationship one can"t say that he/she will leave everything on destiny and don"t take any attempt from one"s side to maintain, improve or develop it.
There are few couples who believe blindly in destiny and few who use it as an excuse to break up the relation if they don"t get proper reasons. Belief in destiny is not only limited to relationships but also to others like work, friendship and enemity. Any stage in one"s life, be it in their support or not is blamed on the destiny.

People have this prejudice that destiny is written before birth and they follow the pre written path without their own effort. Belief in destiny is most common among women. They are very emotional so they rely on destiny.
Destiny is nothing but a blind faith in some prejudice which has been fed into the mind when we are too young to understand and destiny was used as an excuse to stop us from crying when we failed in something.
For a successful relationship, destiny will not do much than from spoiling a lively and healthy relation. To make a relation work out and achieve success, the couple will have to look after each others happiness and fulfilling small to big wishes etc. Belief in destiny will only deviate you from your relationship and drag you away from your responsibilities.
So, in simple words, it is always better to just take one step at a time!

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