Friday, November 23, 2012

Tomboyish Girl – Is She Your Type?

Tomboyish Girls  - Is She Your Type - girl - woman - asian - korean

What does Nick think when he sees his friend, Nikita, in jeans and a black top, short hair which is gelled, wearing a Reebok sports shoes and always greeting him like “whats up dude?" Nick falls in love and he feels Nikita is the best girl he has ever seen who is cute with lots of activeness and enthusiasm. But his friends say “Why do you like her?? she is not less than a boy" Nick's feels his heart sinking and thinks if he is in love with the right girl.

A girl tomboyish is no more an issue these days as they have become more famous among boys for their attitude and open mindedness. They are very jovial and friendly. Sharvaani, a mass communication student says, “There is a girl in my class who has a boyish nature. She is dusky in complexion and very energetic, guys find her very appealing because of the way she is. I envy her as my boy friend also finds her great." Tomboyish girls have become an inspiration for many girls. Girls these days have a perception that tomboyish girls are very fun loving and they have no disappointments in life and try to enact and transform like them. “I find tomboyish girls bindaas" says Ajay a UG student. “They make the place lively with their cheerful and funny acts. My friends and I even had a huge crush on such girls and have got into serious relationship."
Later the issues perk up like “How good are they in bed??" and the answer is “awesome!!" They are very hot and active. Even better than the hot chick they find in short skirts and tube tops. Rakesh a law student says “My girlfriend looks like a boy with hot looks of a girl when it comes to features. She is like a boy when it comes to attitude and behavior but she is no less when it comes to love, she loves me more than how much I love her but she is bad in expressing it but I have no issues for I still love her."
Tomboyish girls also have feelings and emotions, even they weep and feel bad when they are hurt. These days tomboys are not according to style but according to the way they behave and act one would feel that they don't take things to heart .
It was only after this that Nick decided he had fallen for the right person, which was Nikita.

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