Friday, November 23, 2012

The Strong Weapon For Girls Is Her 'Tears'?

Why-do-women-cry - The Strong Weapon For Girls Is Her Tears

“Its actually my tears which reaches out to his heart" So is it true that tears is a weapon of girls to express their feelings to the man she is in love with? Do you think it is bad to express your pain through tears?

The question is unanswerable as men feel we use it as a weapon to win support on issues not in favor of them. But that is not true! Some girls who cry are very emotional and fall weak in front of a stubborn partner.
Ninety percent of girls express in the form of tears. Be it happy tears or sad ones, they easily get attached to things and break down when it"s not up to expectations. For example, girls use tears as a weapon usually after a fight with their partner, girls break down because they get hurt over the behavior which she never expected from him. And all she hears from him is, 'Stop crying. It won"t work'. It is so, because men seldom cry unlike women.
Somewhere they also are emotional but their male ego does not make them express what they feel in the form of tears.To me, I strongly believe that tears are not a weapon of girls but it is definitely a way of expressing, that they are hurt. However, there are few women who cry to gain sympathy, therefore turning to tears as a way out. They use it as a tool to get the things done according to their wishes. Here is an example of tears as a weapon for girls, Sweta, a student says, “I cry when my boyfriend does not listen to me and when I want to get my work done." True isn't it?
Crying does help in feeling light and you tend to come out of the pain easily. But, a handful of men don"t seem to understand this and are too harsh over this attitude of women. But there are men who consider tears as something very precious and feel that their girl should not cry. Ashish says, “I become very upset if my girlfriend cries because of me or due to my mistake. I try not to hurt her, but she always ends up crying"
A girl understands the value of tears, so, when a girl cries, her best buddies come to console her. Prerna says, “Whenever I have a fight with my husband, I call my friend to change my mood."
Therefore, tears are not a weapon and if your guy considers so, then use it strongly to get your work done. Don"t wait for him to come with a tissue. If it is a war to prove yourself and get your work done, then cry…

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