Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dating A Selfish Boyfriend?

Dating A Selfish Boyfriend?

Sometimes you might feel that your partner is using you just to fulfill his/her needs or lonely life. This feeling comes when you trace some selfish attitude in your partner. For eg, he/she only talks about own self instead of thinking about you two together. What else traits show that your boyfriend is selfish and is only in relationship for his own needs.

How to know your boyfriend is selfish?

Self centered: 
Your boyfriend is always involved in his life, his views, thoughts and wishes. You can feel this during a conversation when your man talks about himself. For eg, what he wants from relationship, only stating your fault, etc...

All time lovemaking: 
If your boyfriend always keep on talking about making love when you are not comfortable shows that he is selfish and is only behind you physically. This point becomes important when you don't want to get physical but he wants to get intimate with you. He will try to convince you or get mad at you if you don't agree with him. Intimacy should always be mutual and not forceful.

No emotional support:
During your stressful days, if your boyfriend is not with you, he is selfish with you. Love relationships are not just based on staying together but also attaching yourself emotionally and mentally. If he doesn't provide you comfort when you are upset, he is a selfish man who is spoiling your love and taking you for granted.

Men feel proud when they date hot chicks! If your boyfriend shows you off in front of his friends or nay such social gatherings but then it is a sign that your man is selfish and is only in relationship with you too add standards to his reputation.

Calls when he wants: 
When your boyfriend calls you for his own needs, he is a pure selfish man. In a relationship, love should be equally flown from both the sides. It should not be like you call or text him whole day but he only calls when he wants to!

These are few signs to know that your boyfriend is selfish and the relationship is nothing serious for him. You can discuss with him or decide to move on!!!!

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