Tuesday, November 13, 2012

5 Funny Ways To Say I Love You!

Funny Ways To Say I Love You

If you are bored of saying I Love You to your partner in the same serious tone, then it is time to try something different! Proposing a girl/boy requires guts and full encouragement from friends and closed ones. It is not easy to express your feelings to someone you love. The fear of hearing No or the fear of losing him/her can stop you from expressing yourself. Couples say I love you everyday or in fact after every conversation! The value of these powerful words lessens due to its excessive usage. So, try something different. Here are some funny ways to say I love you to your partner.

5 funny ways to say I Love You:

There must be some funny moments in the past which might have made you two laugh a lot. In our free time, you two can sit and recollect your past memories for some fun. This also gives a break from tiffs and boring love life! If the way you proposed your partner was funny and unforgettable, talk about it again and discuss. Ask your partner to propose in the same way or else use your thought to try yourself without making your partner ask.

A simple tip to say I love you in a funny way is by acting. Rewind a movie in which the actor says in a funny but cute way. Make sure your partner also remembers the scene to get your act easily.

Watch comic film together: 
How about spending some time together by watching some movies? Romantic movies are all time favorites for women but try something different. While watching the movie, say I love you in a funny tone like a movie character and enjoy with your partner.

Use funny dialogs from films or jokes to say I love you to your partner. Jokes are more funnier and can convey the intensity of the message with fun and humor. Say jokes like dialogs and express your feelings easily.

Start a sensual dance and then turn it funny by adding humor to it. One of the funny ways to say I love you is through dance.

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