Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Caught Red Handed By Partner? - Ways To Deal !!!

Caught Red Handed By Partner - Ways To Deal - cheating

You are extremely bored meeting your girlfriend everyday and would like to have a change. For your luck, a chick from your office/college offers to spend an evening with you.

You are too happy to meet her and cook up some story to narrate to your girlfriend. You will happily meet the girl at a cafe and find your girlfriend at the same place. Now, you are caught red handed and will have to deal with the situation. What you should do?

There are two things, either tell her that you are no longer interested in her or cook up another story so that she believes the rare meet. Here are some more ideas to make up lies.

Dealing With Partner When Caught Red Handed

It isn't very difficult to make up stories unless you are caught kissing or being intimate with another girl. You need to be extremely cautious if you are upto these things.

1. Do not sweat or panic when you see your partner at the same place. React as if things are happening the way they were planned. Girls often smell fishy if they find their boyfriend acting weird.

2. There isn't anything wrong in meeting people so let your girlfriend know that because she isn't very cool about you meeting the other girl you were forced to lie. This will force her to change and act modest.

3. Never tremble in front of girlfriends as they will use the weak point all their lives and crucify you to death. Do not let go of your attitude and argue that you are always right.

4. Just because you were caught red handed, she cannot shout and create a scene in a cafe shop. Command her to leave and that you would have a word later.

5. You are free to meet anybody, even constitution has nothing to do with it then why get worried of being caught red handed by girlfriend. Tell her that she is boring and that is why you hate meeting her.

There isn't shortage for girls in the world so let go of the irritating one and find a chill, cool and calm partner. The best relationship advice here would be to discuss and get to an understanding about each other's space.

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