Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Are Men Unromantic?

Why Are Men Unromantic?

Almost half of the women complain that men are unromantic. Women love reading love stories and wishes to express whatever they feel but for men, they love thriller or horror. Men are opposites and they don't feel same as women do. For men romance means making love but for women it is the emotional attachment. So, why are men so unromantic?

Reasons to know why men are so unromantic:

Not in dream world: 
Unlike women, men don't live in a dream world where a princess will come to propose or will run behind him. This is because they are too practical and don't believe in fantasies (except wild fantasies). So they live in the real world where they know there is no princess!

Different likes:
Women like chocolates or flowers but men like gadgets! As sci fi fans, men are crazy for video games and any such gadgets which are entertaining and filled with fun. Men get lost in the gadget whereas women feel more for their men after receiving flowers or chocolates. This is because the choices and likes differ.

For men, romance is...: 
It is lovemaking! When you say that you are romantic or want to hear something romantic, men think about lovemaking and feel you are in a mood to make love. This leads to a big misconception because the woman starts feeling that her man only comes to her when he wants for pleasure and always think about lovemaking and not you! Well, the fact it that men feel romance means making love and not talking about the dates or dresses!

Shy or irritated:
It is something which hurts their ego and they feel shy or irritated to talk about romance. Few men might feel talking romantic is a hobby of a woman and if they start talking about it, they might feel shy or uncomfortable. Men are reserved and would like to control his feelings. Asking him to say love you time and again will only irritate him and moreover, it is forceful!!

These are few reasons to know why men are unromantic. If you have an unromantic man, don't think that he doesn't love you! All fingers are not of the same shape and size!!!!

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