Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dealing With Insecurity In Relationships?

Dealing With Insecurity In Relationships - sad couple

Insecurity in a relationship is the beginning of the end. It brings in its stride a zillion negative emotions that you are not even aware of. It signifies lack of trust, fear, jealously and a lot more. To deal with insecurity be it your own or your partner's should be at the top of your agenda because once it grows it goes out of your hands. Both men and women are insecure but in different ways and the rules of one do not apply to the other.

Here are some very useful relationship tips to help you identify insecurity in a relationship and deal with it.

Tips To Handle Insecurity In A Relationship:

1. The best way to deal with insecurity in terms of finding a solution is to introspect. You must put yourself in your partners shoes and see if you would feel the same way in the given situation. You also have to account for individual differences of nature when you do so or else it won't work.

2. If the insecurity in the relationship is from your partners end then you have to do one more important analysis. You must find out if your behavior is making your partner insecure. Not everybody can take things on face value and when they can't they vent in different ways.

3. The easiest way to find out what triggers your partner's insecurity is to ask them. Ask only if you think that your partner is the kind of person who can give a straight answer to a straight question. Many people are not that easy to comprehend.

4. If your partner does not fall in that category then you have observe his or her behavior minutely. You will soon get a rough idea of what if anything triggers an insecure reaction in your partner. It could be a phone call from a female colleague or a whiff of alien perfume on you. Once you are more or less sure, work upon it.

5. Insecurity in a relationship is not same for both genders. Men are usually more financially insecure than emotionally. Women get insecure about their looks with age. So to deal with insecurity be it your own or your partner's you need to know the type of insecurity it is.

6. The remedy for every kind of insecurity is different. If you are having relationship problems because you earn more than your boyfriend then that has means he suffers from male ego that you need to soothe. If she suspects you of having an affair then she probably feels ignored or sidelined.

7. The most important point here is that no one can cure your insecurity except you yourself. Your partner can help but it is you who have to overcome it. The way to move forward is building confidence and being self reliant.

These relationship tips can help you to get rid of insecurity from your relationship.

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