Saturday, November 17, 2012

College Hook Up: New No Strings Attached Relationship?

college-dating - College Hook Up- New No Strings Attached Relationship

In college...
Hook up is not a big deal!!

This is what teenagers say nowadays. Hook ups has become a common topic of discussion among young teens. Most of the college students are hooking up and this 'no strings attached' relationship is becoming a trend in most of the colleges. One has benefits like a temporary relationship with no attachment and future worries. The main motive behind this college hook up is to live the present and enjoy it to the fullest. Getting into a physical relationship with the friend and maintaining a 'sex buddies' relationship is becoming a common practice among youngsters.
The no strings attached relationship is rising because the physical urge is getting fulfilled and the responsibilities of a commitment is far beyond thought. For single teenagers, getting into this temporary relationship is a simple solution to have an affair without tensions and also to fulfill the needs!
No strings relationship is good? For many teenagers, it is free and open relationship in which the couple maintain an independent life whilst being in the open relationship.
College hook ups is rising because the commitment is decreasing and the need to have a physical buddy is rising. College hookups can be with the same person for one occasion or even more. But, handling college hookups can be depressing at times as the couples secrets are revealed which can lead to gossips and can raise questions on the character. This is why one needs to be very careful in the college hook ups.
You should have the confidence of getting over the hook up after the break up. Sometimes, teenagers complain of falling in love with the hooked up partner. This is mainly because of the physical attachment which can make it the habit. So, one of the college hook up tip is, you should know if you can handle this hook up or not.
Another tip in college hook up is to never expect a future with your hooked up partner. You both have met to fulfill your temporary needs. As the name goes no strings attached, there is no future.
These are the few basic tips of college hook ups. Try to build a relationship if you both want to have a future together.

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